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Florida Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacements

Did you know that your windshield is deemed safety equipment in the state of Florida? So, if you have chips, cracks, or separation, it’s recommended that you replace it immediately. We have professional top-of-the-line techs to handle all of your windshield replacement needs. Our mission is to make sure your SAFETY is absolutely assured; therefore, we only use manufacture glass, seals, and glue when it comes to replacing your damaged safety equipment. You can rest easy knowing that we at Pristine Auto Glass have your back.

Recalibration On Every Job

Most vehicles made in this day of age are outfitted with additional safety features to make sure you are out of harm’s way on the highway. This includes your vehicle’s lane departure warning system which helps keep you protected from the dangers on the road. To keep things SIMPLE for you, we offer next-day recalibrations to see to it that all of your safety equipment is up to par. Our recalibration specialists use top of the line equipment to guarantee FAST quality services. At Pristine Auto Glass, we want you to be ready for the next road trip.